I have always had an interest in the God given potentials of the human body.  I explored these potentials through athletic activities beginning with Little League Baseball and continuing through today.  While I was not a star athlete I enjoyed using my abilities to participate in a wide variety of activities.  This interest led to a degree in Health and Physical Education.  I was qualified to teach, however, my interest was learning more about physical fitness, performance. and the resulting health benefits.  I invested in a local fitness center, The  Nautilus Fitness Center.  It was here I learned to apply exercise and physical conditioning protocols to achieve specific goals.  This was in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.  I applied the principles and techniques to my fitness goals and to those of our members/clients.  This interest progressed into bodybuilding.  I competed in a few local and regional competitions and eventually brought home a couple of trophies.  We were offering martial arts, kick boxing and Tae Kwon Do in our fitness center.  This provided a new focus for physical development.  This also provided an increased opportunity for physical injuries.

One day as I was limping through a workout someone suggested I see a local Chiropractor. This was now the late 80’s and this was my first introduction to chiropractic care.  I have wondered why I did not investigate chiropractic care sooner.  I think now that all that was necessary was for someone to suggest checking it out.  It was a vague form of personal referral that began my chiropractic journey.  My brother Jerry and I began to receive chiropractic care from Dr. Jeff Baldwin.  We realized immediate improvement and change in our function.  We began to gather information about chiropractic colleges.  Dr. Baldwin graduated from Life College of Chiropractic, Marietta Georgia.  We toured the campus.  Jerry enrolled and graduated in 1991.  I enrolled in 1995 and graduated December 1998.  We were taught the Science, Philosophy and Art of Chiropractic throughout the 4 year curriculum.  Every aspect of science including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, physics, nutrition, radiology, neurology, spinal neurology, examination and diagnostic techniques, chiropractic adjusting techniques.  Our in-house residency was accomplished in the student clinic where we learned to examine and adjust fellow students and then to outpatient clinic where we invited members of the local community as our individual patients.  The philosophy of chiropractic is where I found the connection with my life assignment.

Chiropractic is based on Vitalism – the understanding and principle that all organic systems in the universe are conscious, self-developing, self-maintaining and self-healing.  This means that the body is more than the sum of its parts; it is imbued with a specific intelligence that guides its development, interactions with its environment on all levels and responds to challenges that environment creates.  The concept of Vitalism is foundational to the entire concept of health and wellness in humans.  Our bodies work hard to express health, to maintain health and recover from illness and other conditions that threaten health. The systems of the body work best when they are free of interference.  The nervous system is master control system responsible for orchestrating the internal and external dialogue of the body necessary for life.  Interference results from three related aspects of stress, physical stress, emotional stress and chemical stress.  These aspects of stress cause asymmetrical muscle tension to occur in the spinal column.  This tension causes spinal bones (vertebra) to misalign.  These misalignments (subluxations) cause irritation to nearby spinal nerves. The irritation may cause pain and will affect the function of organ systems the nerves control.  Chiropractic adjustments reduce nervous system interference and improve the integrity of the nervous system.  My goal with each patient is to locate and correct the subluxation causing interference.