Stress causes vertebral subluxations.  There are three types of stress, physical, chemical and emotional.
Physical stress is the result of how our body responds to gravity. Examples of stress are falls, walking, running,
riding in a vehicle.  Anything that causes a pull or push on the spine.  Chemical stress is caused by toxins that
are taken in to the body.  Toxins include, prescription and over the counter drugs, tobacco, alcohol and
pollution in the atmosphere.  These toxins accumulate in the body and are concentrated in the fat tissue.  Fat tissue
borders the spinal nerves and will cause irritation to the nerves.,  Emotional stress results in asymmetrical muscle
tension developing along the spine.  Many people speak of carrying “stress in their shoulders”.  This is a perfect
example of emotional stress resulting in muscle tension.  This tension pulls on the vertebra moving them out of
alignment and causing subluxations.